Coffered Ceiling Design & Installation

Michigan Crown Molding will work hard to create the perfect Coffered Ceiling for your home.

I have been working as a finish carpenter for over 20 years and my experiences have given me the skills to create some of the best coffered ceiling designs in Southeastern Michigan. I have concentrated on Finish Carpentry, which includes designing, creating, and installing coffered ceilings in homes. Bringing an attention to detail during every step of the process is how I will ensure that you will get the best possible finished product.

Coffered ceilings create a decorative grid pattern on the ceiling. This adds a classy, sophisticated look to the room. We install a wide variety of coffered ceilings at competitive prices.

Michigan Crown Molding offers the best coffered ceiling styles in Michigan.

When it comes to finish carpentry supplies we surpass the big box stores in both quality and quantity. We get only the best products from small-town suppliers, so it’s a win-win; you are getting the best product possible and supporting the community. Give us a call and I am sure that we can create the coffered ceiling of your dreams.

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